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Important for the customers:

Canadian companies have a high level of credibility in the world!

We are canadian company with all licences for the cars export/import and we can make delivery of your car from door to door in your country.

We have an experience more than 15 years in automotive business and logistics.

The prices on canadian cars are the best in the north America!


Here at SOLOMON ET PARTENAIRES INC. we can help you with purchasing from Canada your brand New or Used or Salvage vehicle, boat, bike, atv and so on.

We can pick up your vehicles from any location in Canada and transport them to your overseas destinations. Each vehicle is securely blocked, braced and properly tied down in the freight container so that it will arrive at the destination in the same condition as it was received by us.

As part of our comprehensive logistics solutions, we also offer our clients a range of warehousing services. Two warehouses in Toronto and Montreal are in your service.

Our containerization operations follow the best practices of the industry and ensure that vehicles are properly handled and secured against unnecessary damage. Our containerization personnel are experienced and use only proper tools and equipment specifically designed for loading and unloading vehicles into containers.

We provide a comprehensive U.S customs clearance service, ensuring speedy delivery of your cargo to its final destination. We help you to prepare all required documents.

We offer weekly departures and best ocean freight rates to all destinations from any major port in the Canada.


Call us now — + 1 (438) 928 1888