About Us

The company Group S Inc is a licensed car dealership in Canada

Our trade name is Canada Cars

License issued by Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ)

The current special legal status of our company allows us to participate in all automobile auctions across Canada and the USA

We are members of automobile auctions such as Manheim and Adesa, which auction whole cars. These auctions sell cars that come out of leases, dealerships, and rental companies after being utilized in Canada and the USA

Simultaneously, we are members of automobile insurance auctions such as Copart, ImpactAuto, and other smaller groups that sell cars after insurance incidents that occur under various insurance companies.

We are also participants in auctions that sell agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, road construction equipment, and other industrial machineries such as Iron Planet, Ritchie Brothers, and others

And most importantly, we are the official exporter from Canada of all this equipment worldwide.

We supply turnkey vehicles to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.


  • We happen to be the only dealer in Canada, which also has its car showroom and centre for automobile esthetics in Montreal, it is located near the large automobile auctions Manheim and Adesa, which sell only used cars
  • We have over 40 cars in stock, which are prepared for sale by our esthetics centre under the highest standards and qualities of Canada
  • We are the only dealer in Canada witch has a Russian-speaking Youtube channel, with constantly updated interesting content, operating for all CIS countries and Europe
  • Licensed Canadian company and Canadian management
  • We accept payments through any payment method from all the countries around the world, also, our client can quickly and efficiently pay the deposit through PayPal or any other method within the comfort of their home
  • We are not intermediaries in your country and from us you get a car first hand
  • Our warehouse is located in Montreal and the main central port of the east coast of Canada is located in Montreal, so all cargo from Canada flocks to our city and then goes across the ocean to your country
  • Today, Montreal has the fastest shipping of containers across the ocean to European countries from all over North America, with a container coming from Montreal,Canada to Bremerhaven, Germany, in just 14 days at any time of the year.
  • We can also deliver any car from Europe to Canada and make its import
  • Our company always has consolidation in these countries: Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova
  • We provide a turnkey car purchase service from Canada to your country (Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia (Customs Union))
  • “Turnkey”

    • Search, selection, and consultation to choose vehicles in Canada

    • Physical inspection at auctions before its purchase and providing a description of the vehicle, its photo, and video (within the Montreal area)

    • Participation at auctions, including those that are closed in the interest of the client

    • Shipment on land and across the ocean, and providing photos and videos from our Warehouse

    • Diagnostics of the vehicle in our warehouse and the complete set with spare parts

    • Customs clearance in the destination country

    • Delivery to any city in your country

 * We also provide additional paid financial warranties from a Candian company

Important: We speak in different languages; Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, English, and French